A Little About Me

I'm a midwestern girl through and through, although I do spend a lot of time dreaming about living on an ocean beach somewhere. Until then, exploring Lake Michigan with my family is one of my favorite pastimes. I went to college and met my cute hubby in sunny Arizona - this is where the dream of running my own photography business began. I taught elementary school for a while but once I had my own babies, I realized that my heart was truly at home with them.

They are definitely my why. Being able to be home with them during the day, nurture their love for learning through homeschool and have the freedom to adventure as we please are goals my husband and I had always envisioned for our family. This dream was pushed into motion when my oldest was diagnosed with cancer as a baby. Through many answered prayers, we are beyond thankful to be able to say that she made full recovery. Because of this experience, I knew it was time. Time to start cherishing the time I have with my family more deeply because every day we have together is a blessing. Photographing my family was a really important tool for me in learning how to do this well. It was also time to take a leap of faith, leave teaching to be home with my babies and dive into my photography business.

So, here I am today, just a mama who is thankful to be saved by grace, wife to an amazing guy, homeschooling our four littles and photographing sweet moments for my family and hopefully for your family as well.

Let's capture your magic.