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Story Telling: Real-Life Princesses | Personal Project

May 6, 2017

As I worked on these images, I couldn't help feel so thankful. This photo series is just of the pictures I took of my youngest sister and her friends before their senior prom. They looked beautiful. Like real-life princesses, ready for the ball. Being the mama of a little girl who just loves everything about princesses, I had so much fun seeing her watch in awe as these big girls got all dolled up and ready for their big night.


My goal as a mom is to teach my daughter to be kind, brave, strong, and compassionate (Among many other things!) and sometimes I worry because the princesses she sees in the movies and loves so much aren't completely living up to those standards.  So, when I say I felt thankful while editing these images, it's because if these are the princesses my daughter is looking up to, I don't have anything to worry about. I am so proud of my baby sister for the kind, brave, strong, and compassionate - princess - she has come to be and so I am thankful that my daughter has her as an aunt and role-model in her life. 


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Hi! I'm Jaclyn. I am a mama living life with Jesus, my sweet hubby and two littles, documenting the light and beauty in this life's small moments, and pursuing an organic lifestyle. This space is where I share client work and preserve pieces of my little family's big adventures. 

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