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Story Telling: Moments of Joy | Personal Project

February 17, 2017

This post is about nothing more than the joy I got from watching this event unfold. Let me set the scene...

My boy has been climbing on top of everything and my girl has been feeling extra motherly lately. Below you will find the result of me trying to brush my teeth and letting my children join me in our tiny bathroom. This story begins with Noah getting stuck on top of the toilet and ends with both of my children learning that they should not eat toilet paper. 


After the last few years and all of craziness our family has experienced, I have found it very therapeutic to just observe my children being, well, children. There is so much they can learn and experience when they are allowed to "get into things" once in a while. So instead of telling N "no" and putting him back on the floor, I just let him be stuck (and ran to get my camera, obviously). He went from being super upset that he was "stuck" to having the time of his life because his big sister came to the rescue.


My joy came from seeing the way they interacted once E noticed he was upset. She said things like, "it's okay, I'm here now" and showed him how he could have fun on top of the toilet. It was like I wasn't even there, they were in their own little world playing, interacting and having fun together. I totally would have missed out, not only on my own moment of joy but on letting them have theirs, had I intervened. Thankful for these moments of joy and to have this moment documented to share with my kiddos when they get older!


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