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Story Telling : Simple Moments in Motherhood | Personal Project

January 7, 2017


This is the story of the empty yogurt container.  You might be thinking,  "hmm, should I keep reading?" Although this may seem like a silly thing to photograph, I sure did find myself with all of the feels (am I cool enough to say that?) as I was following my one year old around while he played. It's the little things that keep me sane at this point. Our week has been one of those icky sicky ones - where we are holed up in our house, trying to take in as many immune boosting supplements and foods as we can! 

However silly or simple this photo series may be, it tells a story. A part of my story. A part of my babies stories. I will forever connect these photos with the feeling of thankfulness. For those of you who don't know, we spent the early part of this week in the hospital with my son, who was having respiratory issues. We are continuously praising God for his quick recovery and being able to be home and on the mend. 


The moments in the following images are often the moments in motherhood that many days we fail to notice because our lives get so busy, especially this time of year. This week has definitely slowed us down, with both my kiddos being sick. We've had birthdays, holidays, travel, and more birthdays (no wonder they are sick) leading up to this point. Which brings us to today, sitting at home, relaxing,  and watching movies - when my son decided he was absolutely starving - I pulled a yogurt out of the fridge (because, probiotics.), sat on the cold kitchen floor and fed it to him. Hoping he would eat fast so we could get back to our couch/movie/snuggle sesh. I was tired myself, as my 3 year old thought it was morning at 1am, got up, got dressed, and did not appreciate being put back to bed.  Which means I "slept" in her room. 


As I gave my boy his last bite, he pointed to the yogurt container - which in his world means "I need that now!" I handed it to him, along with the spoon. As I sat and watched him play, hoping I didn't make a huge mistake and give him the messiest of all the toys, I noticed how much fun he was having. He pretended to feed himself while crawling around and laying on the floor. And of course, me being me, thought "What a great picture!" and ran to get my camera.


As I sat waiting for the right shot, I thought, "I wonder how it would turn out if I just capture as many moments as possible, until he moves on to a new toy?" And that's what I did. I followed him around and snapped pictures of him from every which way. It lasted about five minutes and then he found the remote - his FAVORITE thing EVER.


Later, as I went through the images, I just had an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness. How thankful I am to be a mom to two sweet littles. How thankful I am that our hospital visit was not as bad as it could have been. How thankful I am to be able to spend these simple moments with my babies. How thankful I am to have so many of these simple moments documented for our family to cherish. These moments pass us by so quickly and in an effort to remind myself to stop and cherish these small moments, I've decided that I am going to take a small moment each month this year, a moment that may otherwise have been insignificant, and use it to tell a story. This is in no way a new concept, just a concept that I want to focus on for my own personal growth as a photographer and as a mama. I encourage you to do the same. Slow down, document your moments - then put down your camera/phone and experience those moments with your babies! Another option is hiring me to capture them for you! :) I hope you enjoy January's: Story of the Empty Yogurt Container.    


PS This is real life. No perfect light, no posing, no prefect backdrop. Just us being us. Please don't judge our dirty floors, baby-printed appliances, last night's empty wine glass or our boogery toddler! Haha! ;)




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